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By SteelHeartache
#161508 The mod/admin CiaraMist was abusing me earlier today. (and not in the good way) She had first randomly tped to me and started places redstone and diamond ore in my base I had just started. She then went on and started to place bedrock and trapped my in it. I tped out to my /home and she tped me right back in and put bedrock over my tp spot so I could not get out. Then I said something about piss and she said for me to watch my language and that cursing was not allowed on the server. At that point I was still upset about earlier and stupidly instigated and said that "wtf" is cursing and that she had said that many times before earlier. I continued to stupidly instigate be stupid and she just tped me to her while she was high up in the air and killed me. Then I called her out for admin abuse and called her a trash mod/admin or whatever she is. I could have handled the last part way better but that was just me being an idiot but still the first part was really annoying. I want you to know that I told her to break all the ores she had placed and to leave but she persisted to annoy me. Anyways I would appreciate it if you, Moe, could talk to her and tell her not to randomly tp to people and troll.

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By MoeBoy76
#161593 Cursing/swearing/foul language/potty mouth/4 letter words, they are all the same thing and since i am away i have given my staff instructions to be more strict so apart from the first troll there was nothing wrong with what happened considering your behaviour