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By morgan764
#160766 i just wanted to ask about it since when i looked at the forums, it didnt seem like anyone asked this question,

When will Jirachi be in the mod if he isnt in already. He is one of my favorite pokemon in the pokemon series and i really wanted to see if he'll be in a later version of Pixelmon or if he is in the current version (download keeps failing so when it finishes ill find out). and when will Latios/Latias be put in the game?

If you answer this then thank you, i am new to this site and i didnt know where to put this. and sorry if the question sounds impatient, i try not to offend or make the creater of the mods angry. And thanks for the awsome mod, i cant tell you how many times ive played this mod with my brothers.
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By PigLover1202
#160767 Gen 3 is being worked on. We have to wait for them to add every normal Pokémon before legends can be added. As for Jirachi,it will probably be one of the last ones if they have a legendary Poke Poll again.
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By JamieS1211
#160777 The current bottleneck to everything is animation. At the current moment the task (as you probably have noticed) is to update some of the gen 1 techne models to better OBJ, animated models.