By mikeyruc321
#15176 Note: This is a WIP model/texture, I've been having problems texturing it.

I decided to try to make a Victini model for the mod. As I said above I'm still working on it but I would like to know what you guys might think about it.

Victini SS1.png

Victini SS2.png

By kungfumidget
#15178 Move the texture offsets so theyre in different places, you will be able to texture it.

Also the legs are a bit too fat in my opinion.
By Lookymon
toadytododile wrote:fix it, needs to be much better :C

Maybe give him some suggestions as to what you think would make it look better rather than such a blunt statement next time!

However, I do agree that there are things that need adjustment, and things that could look better. For starters, the legs are a little odd. Try rounding them out a little bit, and try to make it look less like he has a lot of junk in his trunk, haha. You should also try building actual fingers rather than using the flat panels for hands, that would make it look a lot nicer. The arms are also a little long, and the forearms should be just ever so slightly thicker than the bicep area. Moving back down, his feet are a little bit large. Maybe make them a little smaller or even just thinner! The main body should also be thinned a bit i think. You have a lot of his main area sticking out a lot at the back when Victini is very thin and, well... Tini (Get it? Tini = Tiny? Haha, hilarious!). The head could be a lot rounder and fuller too. It looks a little flat. You might actually have to redo the head all together though, as Victini's ears sort of fuse into the middle of the brow, but if you can make it work as is that would could turn out perfectly fine too! The tail-wing things could also use a bit more segments to make them actually look wing shaped!!!

Jeez, I wrote a lot, didn't I? Keep up the good work!
By Jumpyporcupine
#15210 Fix the ears. They can't just be rectangles you know.
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By Zariu
#15856 alright first, size it up. The models can be resized via code and magic later. So make it big enough to create nice details. This will solve most of your issues.
You seem to understand rotated blocks a little, build on that. Rotated blocks are great for rounding and at a larger size model, make amazing models possible.
Last, when you have a bigger more detailed model, use HD textures. They just add an incredible amount to any model.

Good luck and don't give up ^^
By mikeyruc321
#34540 Ive decided that im going to stop working on this model. It will be completed sometime soon, but im not going to be working on it for a while.