By Morne0fCaex
#130729 Cobalt Pixelmon

Hey Guys! As you can tell from the title I'm making a Pixelmon adventure server, and we need builders! So here's your chance to help out on this amazing project! Our goal is to create a server and community like no other, and we cant do that without you. This project has been in project for Half a year now and its turning out to be amazing, But due to a lack of active and responsible builders we couldn't make very much progress. I'm here to seek your help. Join our small team, and help us create a vast Community of players, by Creating a original storyline and Adventure. If you would like to help in the creation of the Ocana (O-Sana) region, or if you think your a good builder, Were calling to you for help! So don't hesitate to fill out a small app. Those three minuets it takes you to fill out the app and become part of the team, could benefit our cherished community.

Fill Out this app:
Minecraft In game name:
Skype name:
one style I'm good at building is:
Are you familiar with worldedit y/n:

Once you fill out this app you will be sent the ip through the website.
Some more details about the server
-we use 4 mods at the minuet Pixelmon3.0.4, Customnpcs1.6.4, Pixelutilitys2.5V, and The Morph Mod1.6.4(Temporary)
-we use pixelmon spawners
-8 gyms Bug, Rock, Fire, Fighting, Ghost, ******, Psychic, and Eevee
-a resource pack is in the makings that includes music for the server and custom skins
-You tubers will get a free rank
- The story line try's to follow the Pokémon game guidelines as close as possible

Mod Links:
Morph Mod:

Anyways We Hope to see you on the team!
Sirry for only 4 pics some of the files where too big.
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By Aussie_Hunter
#130740 I believe we are not allowed to apply at all on these forums as the rules state not to for Op or Leader. I'm sure the rule could loosely apply to this as well so I will send a message to your account with my application.
By Morne0fCaex
#130741 Cool ty
•"Don't make a general post where you ask to be an Operator/leader, if you want to be one, make a application on the server where you want to be one."
the rule says basicly don't Just ask for OP or A rank take the time to fill an app out. Im not fully sure but Advertised on here before without anytrouble
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By bobbanana09
#130746 I don't think people are supposed to apply on the forums, the forums here arent the place to get staff, that's what your website is for.
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By Aussie_Hunter
#130762 Well that was my point, the rules say dont ask for op or leader, so i assume they could loosely interpret it as don't ask for any form as staff if they wished to. I'm not looking for op or leader or anything like that, i sent in an app as a builder.
By Tropius
#130805 Minecraft In game name: Elementor421
Skype name: ElementalMC
one style I'm good at building is: Moderns Houses and Modern Looks
Are you familiar with worldedit y/n: Yes. I've been Builder on 2 other servers so i'm pretty familiar if I do say so myself. :D
Thanks for the opportunity!