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By Burgy
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And that would be way harder @Gravenfire
My opinion is that when a normal user posts its +1
When a Pixelmon Staff posts it's -2

So it makes the game actually possible. And there is absolutely no double posts.
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By Rzxa
#112587 2 hello and nice hair people
RainyAxez here
I gonna change the rules of count the 150 this change will stay until we reach 150
I will change how the game work each level meaning 50,100,150,and ect
1st.the mod has the power to say 1-10 negative or positive thus resting the count ,but here is the catch the mod/admin can only post 2 a day so non mod will check if they are cheating or not
2nd.the non mod can post anytime not limit but they must start on the number the mod post
Here is the example just in case if you don't understand
Bob(admin): -10
Bobby joe: -9
Bob(admin): -1
Bobby joe: 0
(The admin can't post 2 times in a day so he will stop posting)
Rzxa: 1
SPG : -10
Bobby joe: WHY!(tears) -9