By M7mad133
#5997 i made this a while ago :D and i thought i would make the topic now :D
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By Tom_X
#6016 I don't get the pictures, why are they turned sideways?
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By Jack_Attack12
#6017 And you still have it headless? you diddnt update it? so why make a new thread? unless you keep updating this one this time!...
By JurroRath
#6026 Right now, the main thing that's bugging me, aside from the missing head, is that the rotation on the fins isn't consistent. It seems like they've both been moved to the left, one is slightly inside the back of the main body while the other one barely touches it. I'd recommend moving the one that's barely touching it, ie the left one, so that it's also in the back, since Seadra's fins stick out of it's back and not it's sides. Also, the shape on the fins isn't quite right either. You've got it close though.


Black is the current shape and red is the proposed fix. If you can, see if you can use rotated blocks to make the tips pointed. If not, texturing in the points would work as well I think. Tail could also do with a bit more rounding out. Doesn't have to be Omerta style rounding, just enough so those sharp angles aren't as prominent. Last thing, the scales on the chest wrap around the body and are a bit more tightly packed than that. The scales look like the number buttons on a phone or something. Actually, looking closer at it, the entire model looks like a phone lol. Half expecting the head to be the receiver or something XDD But anyway, jokes aside, it's shaping up to be a good model. There's a few kinks to work out, and the poor thing is still headless, but overall, it's got potential. Keep it up :3