By kungfumidget
Nickthelegend wrote:I meant do yours mine are way behind the times ill have to completely redo them i actually am working on nidoking but i haven't started on queen yet but i don't know if ill ever finish him anyway.

Well I am doing Kangaskhan for now but once that is done I will do Nidoqueen
By riley11rules
#24251 I like them all but charizards stomach needs the pale yellow coloring and Nidokings mouth could be improved a tiny bit to make the top part overlap the bottom part as it is in the anime and also maybe make the mouth a little more pointy! this is just some Constructive critisisym that i hope can help :)
By lugiaisbeast101
#26514 Sorry but this is utterly old, and his charizard's been accepted ages ago with texture and wings.
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By emerald_ice
#26596 Wow! I love all of the models- though Nidoking's texture makes it seem like I was just on Shrooms.
But, that's just a small nitpick that I have, it's not that bad of a texture, so I think it's very worthy to be in game.
Also! Whenever I look at that Charizard, It looks like it has a beer gut. Just sayin.