By Ewcongogamer
#25116 I suggest to poll it up!!
By sargeantsimon
Ledia wrote:This is a really great model for such a complicated, hefty pokemon! I like that he's a bit large, it captures the essence of the brute that Electabuzz is meant to be! I really think this is at least poll worthy, but you haven't done much with the model in a while. I really hope you haven't left it, GabrielGonzaga. An awesome model like this deserves some attention...

Are you planning on revisiting it or putting it up for a poll? If not, maybe you could dropbox this gem so that way others could have a go...

It really is a fantastic model, thank you so much for making it! There's only 15 or so pokemon left from the first gen and this is one of them, Hope to hear from you soon so we can make it 14!

Did a quick count just for fun. There's 38 Gen 1's that are not "in game," assuming I didn't screw up. To be fair, several of these have models either in progress or approved. I don't feel like looking through all of them, but from what I know, there's 24 that don't have a model in progress or approved.

In any case, I think this one is totally ready for a poll. Go on, give it a shot! Worst case scenario: You'll have to retouch something and try again.

Edit: I've been told that there are indeed 15 left to be modeled. Decided not to fact check 'cause I'm lazy. Might do it if I get bored in between writing sprints. (I'm an author doing camp NaNoWrimo. In essence, I'm writing a book in a month.)
By Ledia
#25809 Ahaha, I see so much of myself in you, sargeantsimon! Welcome to the forums, by the way! Here's the most up to date list! ... hbHc#gid=0 We're working very hard, as of now; there's only 19 of the first gen missing from the game! I'll be putting in Dewgong later today though, so soon to be 18!
By SubGenesis
#25827 If you check his profile he's not been on for ages, not sure if he's coming back :(
By Jumpyporcupine
SubGenesis wrote:If you check his profile he's not been on for ages, not sure if he's coming back :(

Argg, the power of reality is a harsh fate to admit to.
By sargeantsimon
#26094 Gr. Somebody's got to get this thing going! I'm still getting used to techne's quirks, alas, so there's no way I could tackle this yet... and most of the modelers are either sick of gen 1 or haven't shown in a while... *sigh*