By Harbinger
SPG wrote:
karrybird wrote:
jorisgoogle wrote:can you do bulbasour to you are such a good modeler

while that is very true, i think that mister harbringer should work on the other starter lines, y'know, the ones that haven't been made yet. :)
i love what your doing, everything you make is simPly amazing, but i wanna See new pokemon from You! not just remakes. while most of these horrible early models need an upgrade, i really Don't think all yoUr attention should be going towards them. maybe remake Charmeleon and then perhaps a new, more interesting poKemon?

all i read was psyduck

Was that the Psyduck you read? :D I planned on remodelling him at some point but I guess I could model more Pokémon that haven't been added yet in between each remodel.

By Kaesker
#72222 Great work; will Charizard be remodelled?
By Harbinger
#74149 Updated. Changed body shape(Thinner and taller) and completely changed the texture of it as well and added shiny.
By Kadekreiling1
#77568 amazing, i always look forward to your new models. Either way the i don't really like the current charmander because his model lines are to obvious