By Hame109
#53190 There is no need to fear! Lickitung 2.0 is here :lol:
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By KuryoZT
#53194 Well, it's a good start, better than most, since people usually only put two or three blocks together and call it done. (I'm part of that XD)
On for my comments, take them easy will ya? Here's my ref pic: Image
-It's a thin Lickitung ya got there. Give him some belly will ya? Push it all the way to its tongue at least, then maybe some more XD, not too much though ok? Tongue should be fine.
-It's arms are too thin too.
-The belly lines are kinda wrong, you see? I suggest using HD texturing for those, if you want to go there, there are tutorials in the Gen1 Model Feedback section. A bunch are there, so you can find them yourself, sorry for that.
-Its eyes are wrongly positioned, they're supposed to be in front, not on the sides. It's a predator, not a prey, :lol:
-The tail ends too fatty, I'd suggest to put a new block, thinner, after your current end.

Good work for now, and good luck for the rest.