By david8700717
#46372 So, I just started modeling and I chose to try Jigglypuff since its such a base pokemon... However I don't know how to make other shapes to make him look good, for an example I need a thin circle to make the curl on its head.... Well I just started it so here it is...

Can someone help me out with tips, how to get other shapes, how to texture it, and all that stuff! Thanks! I hate being new to things! ;( XD


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By KuryoZT
#46385 Hey there, first of all, "hate to be new at things"? You always gotta start somewhere, but I understand the feeling. But yeah, gotta start, or else life gets boring.
On for the real help, have you tried looking at some tutorials on the forums?
There's a huge Beginner tutorial, made by lugiaisbeast101, right here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1485

Then a texture tutorial, made by our awsome texturer Karrybird, right there: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1437

Then there are Jurro's tutorials, but they're a little older, so I don't know them, check them out still, might be usefull, she was awsome I heard (I'm kinda new too, she left before I joined :( )

But also, making the model bigger is a huge help, and it's always said to beginners, mostly because they don't know, but the in-game model will be the good size no matter the size of the model in Techne.
And if you have any huge problem, or already know how to use some other modelling program, you know about that? Maybe not, so I'll stop there.

Anyway, I suggest restarting, and make the model bigger, it's really useful, and allows you to do so much more detail, and more forms, like rounding, by putting blocks and rotating them.

But maybe the best way to learn some things, is simply to take an in-depth look at some models others've done, such as the ones in sub-forums in Gen1 model feedback.
Another post you could try to find, search "modeling secret", Edeodin has made a detailed post about some things he learned about Techne, it's usefull I think, and it's really simply made but really nice to read!


And ;( doesn't work, a wink conflict with the downward smiley.
So, good luck with modeling, I personnaly stuck at it :(
By lugiaisbeast101
#46727 Woah woah! Hold your horses! You're just going to take one persons advice then simply name it done with an exception of the texture and quite? If not, I would be right to assume this as you gave the download and decided to not do it anymore.

Do you not want to learn how to further progress your model? You stated that anyone can use it until "something better comes", well what if you created something really good and know one decided to redo it?

Well I'll just leave it at that, it would be nice for you to try other models and not quite on them after you just started.
By lugiaisbeast101
#46973 I'm glad you asked. For one, to further ad on to Kury's post, he stated that you can enlarge your Pokémon and that it will come out the correct size in-game. What this means is that if you have this jigglypuff, by what 10x10? Then you can enlarge it to 30x30, 40x40, or even 40x40 (If you want extreme lag), and the coders will scale it down when they add it to the game. Now if you enlarge your model x2 or more than it's current proportions, then it will make it much easier to model.

Now for modeling:

-As you already showed, you can use overlap blocks to make a staircase effect, but you only id it once and it is like a cardboard box. If you enlarge the model like I previously stated, you can add more of these blocks to round off the model a bit more. Be careful! If you do it too much it will come out like a giant pyramid. When you do this, try to make the model round like a slightly flat ball.

-When you round off jigglypuff a bit more, place the arms slightly to its front as its arms are not directly next to its body.

-For jigglypuffs feet, give some thickness to it and round it off by using the staircase effect once again.

-Add some thickness to the ears also.

-For the little piece of hair at the top of its head, I would suggest going karry style and get a block then add a texture to it, or you can manually make the swirl but that would take much longer and would be quite difficult if you didn't enlarge the model.

-Whenever you get a chance, experiment with new things, like try to create a ball with rotated blocks and such.

For texturing:

1) What I do is export my texturemap
2) Open it up on a painting software (mine is
3) Then I go to image>resize>the on the top it should say resampling>click on nearest neighbor
4) Then I resize it to what I want Ex. Width=512 Height=256
5) I usually save it by now as (insert name) then load the texture on Techne
6) Now I can see where is what on my model when I texture.
7) Since I loaded my texture, every time I save on, it will show on Techne.
8) Now that I have everything set, I can start to texture, and when I do texture, instead of taking the whole space in the guidelines, it only takes a little bit since I resized it in #4 a.k.a. HD texturing.

From there on, all you have to do is go through trial and error when texturing, Kuryo gave a link to Karrybird's texturing advice so I would suggest you take a look at it before you go about texturing.

Thank you for reading this and if anything I said is confusing please let me know as I will try my best to help you. If you also need some visuals on what I said to actually understand what I was saying then please let me know. All I have to say now is that you should look around the approval thread, and model feedback threads to see all different types of modeling and how you can incorporate that into your model. There can't be any tutorials on how to be a perfect modeler and artist as that comes from experience alone, so the more you get used to Techne and texturing, the better you'll become at modeling in general.

Once again I'm sorry if you didn't understand what I was saying or if this was just a complete waste of your time as I'm not that good at explanations.
By Polifroeg
#49639 needs to be more detailed and round the shade of pink should be lighter