By Lettucecow
#43048 mmmhmm! Looks good! Can't wait till they finish gen 1!

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By Edeodin

It's awsome work, once again!!
The tail looks weird XD, but that's just me, so you shouldn't worry about that.
the baby is so cute too.

I always worry, so it'll get changed XD

jsnbrown1989 wrote:Amazing!! And in a short time too, seeing how this is a hard model.. I love you..

It actually wasn't that hard surprisingly. I just modelled the baby first and built around it and it just worked out XD.

SPG wrote:minus the tail, it looks really good, TIME FOR OBJs!

I'll fix the tail of course. Yeah we need to talk more about them when I get some free time tonight.
By Yaseen
#43156 O.o I call hax! xD
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By Rzxa
#43177 Awesome Model Edeodin !
By Launchpad
#43302 Beautiful just beautiful
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By Hypnose
#43341 Need I even reply? Based on what I've always said about your work I'm sure you know what I'd say.. Alright I'll say it. You're awesome! This model is absolutely wonderful! I love you!~ XD