Is Gengar ready for approval?

By Omerta
#2983 I'm putting up my Gengar model for feedback as I think it's just about done.There's some general smoothing issues I need to go back and fix, and I might try filling in the gaps in the arms, but let me know your thoughts for now.


EDIT: Added a picture of the shiny texture, also shows that holes in arms have been filled.

By Boogaluke
#2984 O.O !!!!

once you get those arms filled in... I will give you a cookie and a hug.
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By Rados
#2987 Thats just.....amazing
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By Arrow
#2988 wow you put alot of work into this, it's so.... round.
By Skibb
#2999 There are some ways to do it , but we are using techne for this job .

Download :

If you have more questions , just ask .
By rikgaio97
#3001 thanks
I am downloading it right now
I try to do some pokemons
thanks again