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By Edeodin
lugiaisbeast101 wrote:
NickkyDC wrote:please please make a kanghaskhan! when it comes to that these more human like type of pokemon i dont think anyone can make them better.

I'm sorry but I would like to see kungfumidget's completed model, but I guess that's not going to happen :evil:

Same. I only want to pick up models that we know for sure aren't going to be worked on again, and kungfumidget put a lot of work into that Kangaskhan. Same reason I haven't touched Mewtwo, NickkyDC. I've considered, and been asked, but I feel we should focus on helping to fix the ones we have instead of just dragging in a new one to add on the pile. ;)

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By Edeodin
ParahaxedGames wrote:How about Nidoranfemale, Arbok, or Meowth? :D Those ones aren't great.. (THe only ones that came to mind)

Sorry I mean we should focus on fixing the Mewtwos we have, not all models in general. XD But I guess thinking about it now... really it's only darksideJr's left at this point. I could think of other Pokemon that need updating definitely, but that's best left till after this gen is officially done. :)
By wave2453
#38450 the middle belt's lightning line seems a lil off but nothing big it looks pretty epic :)