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Liam_olden wrote:there was a lugia model made however it was bland and is very square and positioning was inaccuraye. Mine is hovering and im working it to look like it does in the games. Can mewtwo be resized in game if i make it huge in techne ( for details)?

ya.... you havent seen max's then, doesnt matter though, he isnt with us anymore
By Ewcongogamer
#29517 I feel like the two parts of the body are too far away from each other, probably bringing them together would make it look better. The first leg part going down needs to be thicker. The feet need a bigger bump at the end of the toes and thicker feet.
By Zephiloph
#31978 his fingers are too thin at the end. they are supposed to be thicker at the end
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By SuperiorSnayke
#55886 now this looks good hope your model gets in the game. when i first took a look at this topic my expectations were high. but you just blew my expectations out of the water. good job.