By MegaStannyBoy
#26932 Hey guys. I stopped playing pixelmon for some time, but I recently installed the mod again. I really enjoyed it. I used to be in the modelling team, and I would like to join it again. I would like to ask which Generation 1 pokemon haven't been made yet.

Here is some of my previous work:


By Yaseen
#26942 oh Hey Mega, Welcome Back
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By Edeodin
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Oh, i remember you :P
And yes only 3 left (thats have to be worked on that is) : D I highly suggest working on the nido's :D

And I'm texturing Machamp right now, so it's more like 2. ;)
By karrybird
MegaStannyBoy wrote:I have seen a nidoking/queen on the forums already. Weren't these good enough? It would suck if I start making them while there are 2 approved models already.

pff, those nido models are awful, i was planning on making nidoking next but feel free to start nidoqueen!
By Jumpyporcupine
#27024 You made kabutops! Wow that's my favorite model in the game! Welcome back! I would add an hd texture to your arbok.
By Ewcongogamer
#27028 I actually second that, but for all your models :). It seems like a lot of models are getting makeovers so go for it :)