By karrybird
#27007 i attempted to make the body slightly bigger, it didn't change much though sadly.
and you can see here, this is the fullest texture map i've ever worked with. this thing has too many damn markings :(


most of the bulk of the head is actually his mane. same goes with the official artwork too.

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By zero_breaker
#27009 Looks much better now :3
By karrybird
#27010 shortened the snout a little bit, this surprisingly helps more than i thought it would...

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By ilovepokemon
#27020 yet another awesome remodel by karrybird, great job
By Yaseen
#27025 O.o --> My eyes after looking at the texture box xD great model
By Scruxie
#27109 It is so not ready for approval. It looks good and all, but the head still looks large. I know that there may not be a way to help it, but I don't wanna a Big-head Arcanine.
By Ewcongogamer
#27137 Maybe bring in the forhead and making the ears a bit smaller would help with the head size?
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By lzo314
#27153 Could you maybe bring the whole head up and back a little.