Now, Do you guys think my Mewtwo is ready to be approved?

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By darksideJr
#26516 This is the newest version of my Mewtwo!

I shrunk the eyes, made the tube more round, made the upper arms more round, gave him like a football armor chest and added pecks (let me know if you think they look like boobs), and fixed his head by making it more cat like. I also fixed the mouth and fanned out his feet.

Anything below this is an older verison

I like to thank the people who showed me the links to show me how to texture. And the constructive criticism given by the community! My Mewtwo has changed dramatically from the original design for the better! What I changed, the back of the head is now rounder. and the eye pieces "blend" in with the model, the thighs and lower torso where the tail starts are rounder, a few people asked for that, but I left the arms and legs blocky because it looks more minecraft like and I think that looks better (the mod leaders may disagree), also i added a block around the base of the neck so it blends in better.


Again thank you!

By Ledia
#26518 This has a very nice form! And welcome to the community! Even for not being textured, you have good color pallet. I'd go into more detail, and will later because this model has great potential, but I'm afraid you've posted in the wrong section.

Here at pixelmon, models must go through a certain amount of time on the 'feedback 1st gen' thread, and then be polled on that thread before they are posted here. Also, untextured models are never coded in game. instead, modelers use the feedback thread to help locate other members to help with textures.

It looks pretty cool, and Mewtwo is one of the 15 remaining pokemon to be modeled for the 1st gen, so I'm sure it will be thoroughly viewed! Please don't be discouraged if a mod deletes the post, you've done everything right, just in the wrong place. I'd super encourage you to post this exact thread in this forum;

Pixelmon welcomes you! It's always so exciting to see budding modelers giving their all, thank you so much for the work you've put in, it really shows! I can't wait to see where it goes!

EDIT: (fantastic! you're in the right forum now! [thanks Skibb!] Here lots of people will see it and you should have solid criticism within a day. Things have been going pretty fast here since we're so close to our goal!)
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By darksideJr
#26523 Thank you I will switch it over, to the right thread right away.
By Skibb
#26524 You don't need to, I've already done it for you ;)
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By darksideJr
#26526 Oh wow thank you! this is already proving to be a nice community!
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By firetools
#26555 Off-Topic, but that is a wonderful thing to see. You guys are very welcoming, and it's really awesome! Keep up being great mods!
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By ilovepokemon
#26576 darkside, the model looks ok, but were are the eyes and mouth?
By SubGenesis
#26586 Lol looks like a slender mew :o at the moment

So far however it looks good, has good proportions except possibly it's width
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By Jack_Attack12
GiantVegeta wrote:theres no eyes in texture

He will get to that eventually, he might want some feedback on it first.