By Muk
#199973 For some reason, my previous model was never recognized by the staff (as it has a "To be Made" label on the master sheet), so I have decided to revisit my Muk model and give it my own texture, rather than using il_lupo's.

Grimer is no longer included with Muk (contrary to my initial post), as I see he has been
added by il_champo.

So if someone on the team could please inform me if the model makes it on the list this time, that would be great.



Muk 4.0 by Squiid on Sketchfab


Muk 4.0 Shiny by Squiid on Sketchfab

All changes, and suggestions will be listed below:

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By SKy2008
#199985 And that is why we need to keep that sheet updated...
Muk has already been done, sorry. :/
By Muk
#200017 @SKy2008

Would you mind posting the link to the model?
By Muk
#200049 Ah, I see...

Only one thing to say (other than the fact that I feel robbed after having it on here for a year.)

Could you fix the line across the eyes? It only passes through one of them, drops, and then loops back up. Seen here:

Sorry, I love Muk and I'm kinda OCD, so I had to mention it.

Otherwise, I love your model.
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By VirtualTurtle
#200106 To save space I mirrored the texture, it'd have to be upscaled and then modified or left as-is