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By Blaycon
#199016 Greetings,

I see one has been posted already, but I wanted to share my own anyways since it hasn't been approved yet.

This is the second model I've made in blender so the mesh may be a bit messy, but what do you guys think?

Update 1: Made legs bigger and separated wings' mesh.

Update 2: Cleaned mesh, Retextured and added shading.

Update 3: Fixed Shading, added Shiny.

Update 4: Added Idle animation.

Mega Beedrill | Show

Mega Beedrill by Blaycon on Sketchfab

Shiny Mega Beedrill | Show

Shiny Mega Beedrill by Blaycon on Sketchfab

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By SKy2008
#199022 Looks really great!

The lower arms could be a tad bigger, that's right.
And it would probably be easier for animation if you separated the wings' meshes from the main body.
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By Blaycon
#199035 Done!
I feel they are the right size now, let me know if you think they should grow even more.
I separated the wings' mesh as you said, I still left them connected to the back with a single vertex each, is that good enough or should I just separate everything?

Thanks for your replies!
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By Blaycon
#199529 My apologies if I'm posting right after another message of mine, but I added shiny Mega Beedrill, Idle animation and made a few changes to the shading and thought it was worth doing it.