By lugiaisbeast101
#189722 *Edit 3 Added the ears! Now I just need to edit what you guys would like me to (I followed a model rather than the official art), then see if someone would like to texture it!

Drop some feedback if you can, and let me know if there's anyone that can texture it!

Right now the poly/face count is at 1020 faces/939 verts
To do list:
-Slightly edit teeth & head
-Add ears
-Add wings
-Add feet
-Reduce Polys

Also, a big sorry to Isi and Mr. M for involving myself in business which did not concern me! Thinking back on it, it seemed foolish to negatively comment on that which I had no part of. I can only vaguely remember, but I still cringe at the thought of it.

I guess I was into drama at 14 years old haha. :P

Older WIP

Zubat 3 by lugiaisbeast101 on Sketchfab

By Muk
#189736 It's actually a very nice model for something you felt was "rushed," but as you stated the face count is WAY too high.

When it comes to reducing the poly-count, it's best to do it by hand, removing unnecessary bends and faces within the texture. The legs, for example, have a few spots where the faces could be merged. The wings work the same way, but need a LOT more merging, since they seem to contain the most faces. Once satisfied with the wings and legs, trying merging faces around the body that don't ruin the overall shape of the model, while retaining some good detail.

For a model like Zubat, I'd say you should try to drop the count anywhere from (most extremes): 150 - 850. The most complex part should be the mouth when you are finished.

Hope this helped.

~ Muk
By lugiaisbeast101
#189757 After some searching around, I found that I could add a modifier that lowers the polys but keeps the main shape!

I dropped it down to a third, 907 faces/778 verts

After the ears are done and some slight tweaks with feedback given, this model is ready for texturing!
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By SKy2008
#189761 Your filter messed up the teeth and front head wireframe wise though. You may want to clean that up. And the ears could use a few of the polys back...
By lugiaisbeast101
#189765 That was a quick render of it, I have to apply the mirror filter before the decimation filter to get more natural geometry. The teeth I separately edited, so I guess I can leave it as it originally was.

As for the ears, I haven't worked on them yet, they were blocks to begin with! haha

Thanks for the feedback!
By lugiaisbeast101
#189769 Updated again!

Now I just need feedback and somebody that can texture the model.

Do you want me to put the wings up a bit? Lessen the polys? Is it fine as is and I should just move on from it? Let me know!