By Muk
#189383 Here's my model of Weezing: seems not many of the Poison Pokemon are popular for remodeling, oh well.

Update Log:

+ 10/26/16: Fixed a modelling issue that cause a spike in faces (dropped from 1.3k to 905)
+ 10/27/16: Added mouth, attempted to texture
+ 10/28/16: Add simple texture and shiny version


Weezing for Pixelmon: Version 1.0.3 by Squiid on Sketchfab


Weezing for Pixelmon: Shiny by Squiid on Sketchfab

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By KSin
#189386 Hmm..I may need to squall at you about the face count. The goal in the models submitted to Pixelmon is to have the lowest face count possible while still looking good. I feel like you could reduce the general face count by using less segments and rings on the spheres and less vertices on the cylinder craters.

Other than that, I believe they want the mouth to be 3D so that it can open and close (Not sure if that needs to be for both heads) and there also appears to be two cylinders connecting to the smaller ball with a high face count which I'd suggest reducing.

Lastly is the texture, I believe they want it to include shading.
By Muk
#189388 Oh I'm quite aware of their face-count policies; feel free to reference my struggle with Muk. As I said, for some reason it portrays a different face count, because in blender it is closer to 900, which is generally acceptable: especially seeing how Cradily was around this count. Regarding your other points:

+ Shading: I'm not a great texturer, so this texture is just a placeholder as it will take time for me to make a really nice shaded model.

+ Mouth: I'll confront that problem later, as soon as I can figure out what is going on with the face count.

But I do appreciate the advice.
By Muk
#189721 Just a quick update: I manage to fix the issue that was causing the face count to be so high and was able to drop it back down to 900.