By Muk
Il_Lupo wrote:Much better, good job :D

I don't know of active texturers personally, but I'm happy to help if you don't find anyone else. Good luck with the Grimer, looking forward to seeing these guys in game :)

I may very well take up on that offer, seeing as how well you textured your Venomoth model (amazing work on that btw, I almost thought it was an official model). If you are still interested feel free to shoot me a message and I'll send you the Blender files.

By Muk
Leyokii wrote:They look really nice! You've improved a lot being your first time!
Wish I could learn too, would love to help this mod.

Great work!

Thanks man! It's actually not as hard as it would seem after you practice a little while. There's an entire Blender tutorial on making models and it's what I used to make both of mine.