By Scrotty
#185055 Most people share models by using Sketchfab:

There's an option to allow downloads when you're uploading your model.

When it's published:
-Click the Share Button on the model page
-Click the Get Embed Button on the window that pops up
-Click the BBCODE button in the bottom right corner of the window that pops up
-Copy the text it gives you
-Past it here, I recommend just editing the original post.
By Scrotty
#185062 mmm...not sure if you can after someone replied. Looks like you forgot to do the 3rd step.
By Scrotty
#185066 Not an X/Y rip, but a PokePark Wii rip, GG lol.
By TheFlaringFlareon
#185140 oh wow I didn't know it was a pokepark wii rip, my friend said I could use the model on the pixelmon forum... I didn't know it was from PokePark Wii.
By Scrotty
#185165 Fairly certain the OP claimed something along the lines of you making it but you're not good at texturing, before you edited it.