By Scrotty
#175161 This isn't one of your first models, just your most recent upload. In fact, you just made that account this year and have been submitting some very high quality models. Upon searching, this model does have the exact same pose as an X/Y Rip, has tri faces which is common in rips, though oddly enough not the same exact design.

Further searching though resulted in me finding a modifier in blender which attempts to downscale the amount of faces which could've been used to try and cover up it's origins. Upon testing this myself, I got a fairly similar result though it'd take awhile to figure out the exact number used to get that result.

95% likely that OP is claiming Nintendo's property as their own, 5% for doubt. I would've said 10% but you lied about it being your first model.

*Edit: 99% likely, 1% doubt. Checked OP's Sketchfab and did a comparison of their Venusaur upload and an X/Y Rip, was exactly the same.*
By ElectroBoard
#175165 The model itself isn't ripped straight from the game. The Geodude XY model was used as a reference. Yes, there are a lot of XY animated models on my Sketchfab and that is because I have been animating more than I have been trying to model. It's not my first model I've made but the first one I have submitted. Also, the reason why the faces/vertices are more triangular are due to trying to make the model not spherical, but rocky, as the model was turning out to look like a sphere with arms. There are other models I have done that don't look as triangle, such as a Machop/Machamp/Purrlion since those are easier to make with square faces.
By ElectroBoard
#175474 The poly's weren't just quickly moved around. This was how I used the model as a reference ( ) which I didn't think was wrong as SPG posted a Pixelmon modelling guideline and used a reference exactly like that which I understand if that's not acceptable anymore to use as a reference. Another example: . Also incase you wanted to see, here's the texture image.
By Scrotty
#175490 Finally figured it out, OP deleted half of the original, used the Decimate Modifier in Blender (Collapse at 0.24) along with the Triangulate Modifier and Mirror Modifier!

The result:

Also based off the texture the OP provided, the UV's are exactly the same (Which I believe is impossible? Because everyone maps UV's differently). Using the Decimate modifier distorted the original texture and in the original the eyes had their own texture image so OP had to combine the two together in a single larger texture image since Pixelmon doesn't support multi-texture models. The original texture was also traced in order to get the result OP provided, likely to cover up it's origins.

It's a pretty good fake... o.O
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By MoeBoy76
#175491 fake or not, it's too high poly and would need to be redone to be approved
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By elxanderOMG
#175684 and also the fingers wont bend properly, there are no middle edges on the fingers... if you really had modeled a model that good, having basic modeling experience, you wouldnt have made that mistake
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By bvanseghi
#179511 EDIT: After doing a thorough review of the model, comparing it to Nintendo models....

This IS a fake. My previous analysis was rather bad and now that I look at it with extra caution, this is definitely fake. Every part of this model is EXTREMELY similar to Nintendo models, from the rigid structure and hands to the texturing.

Thank you Scrotty for correcting my bad analysis.

I wish I could go lower than this due to sheer disappointment, but.... 0/10.