By Deliz
#173476 On my blender, I UV mapped it, but it didn't seem to appear on sketch fab so I just left it that.
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By dyinghere
#174825 Overall you got the shape pretty well, but the ears seem a little off - did you mirror the body? It looks like most of the body is symmetrical but the ears are strange

And the head swirl should probably be simplified, it adds a ton of faces that could probably be taken away, if my weird rambling is understandable
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By Amnail
#174894 Is Clefairy's front really that flat? I thought they were more egg-ish
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By bvanseghi
#179514 Random edge on the back protruding outward.
Fingers are too small.
The base of the right ear (left if you are looking at the front of the clefairy) is for some reason elevated higher than the other.
No tail.
The wavy hair is a bit too big.
Arms are too small.
Looks high poly count... not sure about the poly count.

Overall, 3/10. Needs a LOT more improvement! Good figure, though.