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By Leyokii
FaelynnAllegro wrote:Okay, so I don't know much about modeling, but why are all the planes visible? Do they smooth it out before it goes into the game, or is it just put in with all the flat areas..? I'm just very confused because I've never been in the modeling area, so I'm curious. If they smooth it out, these models are great!

I'm with this argument.
I can see the work put in these, but they are EEVEEs, they are a really wanted remodel and imo they should look smooth. Not judging or disrepsecting the modeler work here, he can put more hours and also coop with other modelers if needed to make the best eevees posible.

And have to insist, please don't take this comment as "this modeler is bad" nor "I think he lacks skill", I'm an artist in the process too and think I'd appreaciate someone said my work isn't STILL a match for a great cause and someone teach me how to improve beyond.

Can't wait to see the eevee's remodeled ingame!
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By elxanderOMG
#195668 i keep asking TheMidnightMage XD
By lugiaisbeast101
#196807 How many animators do they have? I enjoy modelling from time to time, but I only ever knew animating on very very basic level.