By Soros

what do you guys think? do you find something missing? i personally think the nose lacks something, but can't figure out what...
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By MrMasochism
#168501 The nose could definitely do with some work, make it a little more like a ridge as this would suggest:
Also the mouth could extend a little more from the body and the body could have a more defined belly
By Soros
#168604 Belly and mouth extended, nostrils reduced and ridge added. What do you think now?
By mcstreet
#168628 I think the mouth should go over the teeth a bit... So there not the same level

If u understand
By Soros
#168638 Played with the head a bit and this is the result, i think it is much better now :D
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By bvanseghi
#179516 The texture for the ears...
the pink part of the ears is too close to the edge of the ear. Wayyy too close.

The model is 8/10. A bit more improvement, and it could be ready for approval, in my opinion.