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By mattdorman
#167805 Hey all,
I've just been learning blender, and I made a Seel model. Just looking for basic advice before I bother learning to texture.

SEEL by mdorman on Sketchfab

Also can someone help me with the site formatting?

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By JamieS1211
#167812 When making something symmetrical like almost all pokemon make half the pokemon and use the mirror modifier in blender.

Also when making things to animate make any tale / antena / wing / leg (anything that as allot of flexibility) straight. Then during animation it can be placed into the correct position and moved around better.
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By MoeBoy76
#167813 to get the bbcode to have the model appear on the forums click the embed button under your model and then click bbcode, that will give you the code to copy-paste here
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By PigLover1202
#167842 Even though there is no texture, this model kinda scares me