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By ShinyKeldeo
#167914 A thing that has been noted on previous models concerning animation:

- Make sure if something is going to be animated, like the tounge, it is straight so it can be worked with. Probably same with the tail, and any part of the body that will most likely be animated.

Other than that, looks pretty good.
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By JamieS1211
#167935 Like Keldeo said the tail wants to be straight (still curled up on preview). When it is then rigged we can position it correctly and we won't have issues over volume changing in animation. Next the legs and body are fused until the ankle, this needs to be fixed. The bottom of the body (base of tail) is currently joined to the leg at the knees but the base of the tail should be rounded creating a break. The legs and feet are also very square. Can you also make the tongue completely straight, I also think the line in the tongue can just be texture, not necessary for it to have a trench. When you have done that make sure to update the preview in the original post with a sketchfab link with the changes.
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By PigLover1202
#167936 Taking a look at Lickitung's picture makes me really get a little concerned about this model. The head is very off, making it look more like Barney than Lickitung.