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By KSin
MoeBoy76 wrote:The model itself looks fine and i like the idea you went with for the texture but it doesn't seem quite right compared to the plainer textures (the spectral haunter is my fav ;))

Do you mean that in a way like I should remake my texture or that it just seems better with the plain textures? That's fine with me if you guys prefer to use the plain ones, I had that feeling while I was making the custom texture like it just didn't fit being a Pokemon and all where in the anime and games the texture is plain as well. Anyway, thank you for the feedback. :)
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By KSin

Pixelmon - Haunter by Kun-Sin on Sketchfab


-Remade the mouth
-Remade the hands
-Remade the UV Map and textures.
-Other minimal edits

Texture good now? (I'll wait on the animation for now until/if it's approved. I'll probably remake it)
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