By karrybird
#14305 ok, so i found this model in my folder. apparently i made it a long time ago and forgot to texture ._."
also found a porygon-z model, guess i'll texture that too.

so here's a seadra for ya.

like my raticate model, the transparent bug in techne doesn't allow me to show you the best points of the model, i.e. the spikes.
some transparencies are actually covering up entire sets of spikes...
oh well, it'll look better in game :)

By Yaseen
#14315 Oh wow that looks awesome
By karrybird
SPG wrote:Now for kingdra lol

heh, that will be a hundred times easier, and at least i actually like kingdra XD

also, thank you yaseen :)
By Yaseen
#14323 lol no porblem and good luck on Kingdra xD
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By Jack_Attack12
#14383 Wow. I love that. I might have to say thats my top 3 fave models of yours. On my top 5 fave ones all together.
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By ST392
#14387 Very very nice! One of my favorites so far. The only thing I would think about trying would be to mess with the tail so its not just a single box, maybe just take off a box on all the corners? Just a suggestion.
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By DutchKroket
#14405 You make such sexy textures 0_o
By Vikerus
#14408 Putting in a request for my kadabra and spearow ^-^

I think you could make them look 300 times better.
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By ilovepokemon
#14437 that is one awesome looking Seadra, cant wait to see Kingdra