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By Rtiger_Ninjart
#142244 I can't texture this. No matter what videos I watch, I just can't texture. This might be complicated. I have two different cubones you can see. If you pick one I can make a single one and put it in it's own file. Cubone could really use an update. Pictures of front and back are hard to see.

Two Cubone by rtiger_ninjart on Sketchfab
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By SnowBlitzz
Rtiger_Ninjart wrote:Maybe someone else should do it..
I don't like it, now that I look at it. Either of them!

If you're looking for improvement, quitting is not the way to go. Now I have no experience with these but someone else might give you great tips to improve it
By RikaCreature
#142262 Well, if you're not happy with either of them then first I'd submit them for feedback, then after you've improved them and if you still need help, I could texture em for ya :D
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By dyinghere
#142294 I think I prefer the shorter of the two myself! It's very cute, and looks like the skull is actually sitting on its head - and a little too big - than actually being a part of its body.