Is this model ready for approval.

By kungfumidget
#15930 I will make the ears one wide .... I already stated like one post above karry that I used the black to outline the ear, its the way I texture, I outline the border so I know where I can draw in (I just forgot to rub it out) I will fix the tail and maybe sort out the eyes, its just in an awkward position ....... Thanks for the feedback tho :)

By karrybird
#16127 keep the texture and transparecncies the same, just make it 1 wide, it won't change anything appearence wise.
also, that head is waaaay to short, theres no room for a brain at all in that skull XD
give some form to the back of the head, it looks a bit awkward at the moment.
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By zero_breaker
#16357 use another texture block for the back of the ears, but leave a 0.1 gap between it and the front ear block. That way the gap is very hard to notice, just like what I did with Crobat.