Is this model ready for approval.

By Lookymon
#14839 If people feel it looks better that way that's fine, but even so, if it's going to be bipedal, the arms should be longer like in the picture you posted, and its back should be more hunched.
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By jsnbrown1989
#14849 I do agree about the arms. They do look odd.

I do think Nidorina is kinda the odd cross between Nidoran and Nidoqueen.. Sort of the awkward teen years.. At least that is how I always saw her and Nidorino as well.
By Lookymon
#14854 It is, I agree. I've just always been used to nidorina on 4 legs from seeing it in the TV show. I always just pictured it as an odd rabbit thing, on 4 legs when its moving, and 2 when it's idle. I can live with a bipedal one though, especially considering if I ever get one, it'll have a moonstone crammed down it's throat as soon as the opportunity rises.
By karrybird
jsnbrown1989 wrote:Lookymon,
I disagree. I think it is half and half.

I personally think it looks ok like it is.


Even the main picture on is showing Nidorina on her back feet.

I say let it roll with it.

that's just the pose they chose for the official artwork, she is supposed to be a quadroped and i think it would look better if it mirrors the nidorino model.
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By jsnbrown1989
Nidorina is comparatively larger than her pre-evolution, though she loses the forehead horn, whiskers, and incisor teeth. She remains quadruped. Nidorina is also turquoise in coloration instead of bluish lavender, with a pale underside. Nidorina's poison spikes are larger and probably more potent; she has also gained the ability to stand on her hind legs.

I suppose both of you are correct.
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#14970 Image
all 4 pictures its on 4 legs, the art work just happens to be standing up, like what mice do sometimes, and if you look at the sprite in hg/ss when it walks behind you, its also on all 4s there
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By zero_breaker
#15039 The mouth looks strange, fill up the hole first