By karrybird
#138527 Ooh, glad you merged the legs and head to the body, looks great!
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By harrymanhire
#165673 I know this is a bit of a old post but when will the new models be added into the mod? right now we still have blocke Eevee ~.~ like this ---) [] yea a block it maybe minecraft but pixelmon is () not [] Eevee is one of my favorite pokemon my over 2 favorite pokemon is Zorua and Fennekin. Eevee + Zorua + Fennekin = TeamZorua. yea i made a Team it been with me for a long time now well bye :)
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By MoeBoy76
#165674 People keep necroing this, they have to be redone as said by Booty above and then those need animations, anyone that wants them added faster can do some work and model and/or animate them