By gilbert12888
#133859 Its been a while. Anyway here is a gyarados model i whipped up. The head is facing down because that is how it is oriented relative to the body. When it is rigged the body will bend correctly and it will look normal. TheBootyEdition will be doing the texture.

Update 1:
Textured by TheBootyEdition and Rigged by me.


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By Caitcon
#133860 The little line thing on the center of the tail needs to be fatter I think.
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By JamieS1211
#135138 Brilliant. I do however thing the segments towards the front are too long and the last few segments are a bit close together
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By FrozenJemima
#135899 The way the lower jaw connects to the head is wrong, i would make it like the current model, as it does look a bit odd?