By Polifroeg
#29261 I dont want to trouble you but maybe increase the nose size a bit
damn now ill have to eliminate 2 creepy stalker child abuser pokemon that creep around my house
edit: i just saw your comment about fixing the nose sorry

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By lzo314
#29400 Like the model so far but can you add a rotated block to the bridge of the nose so it looks more attached to it's face.
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Sundial_MC wrote:Guy why are you posting here :/
It's already approved

because.... idk, if you want use to lock it, just tell us
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By Sundial_MC
#29540 :D I just saw the hypno in the new 2.1.3 Vik's server got to use :3

It... seemed... quite big. It was about twice the size of a human...
In bulbapedia it says it's 1.6m in ordinary size..