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By KuryoZT
Sundial_MC wrote:Let's say... Hmm... this model, is like an unpolished diamond.
An unpolished diamond, whilst not being as expensive and "rare" as a polished, cut and refined diamond, it's still worth quite a lot. Now, with an unpolished diamond, you gotta cut it and refine it. Then, it becomes rarer, more precious and great.

See what I mean? You just have to change bits of that and that, and out comes a great model for everyone to enjoy.

I support this affirmation, and the things I see are:
-the nose, looks strange doesn't it?
-the fingers, somehow I see 4, mewtwo got three only, one is in middle
-the ears going backwards ok, but what is after? the strange line
all this, is comparing your avatar, so 1st gen sprite with the model, and I love the old pose but....................... I'm gonna have nightmare if I encounter this one in a cave lol
By Soshimaru
#16916 I kind of like it, but I'd make it a bit more skinny and have slightly longer legs. That would be a good compromise between the old and new design (or just use the new design, whatever)

I don't know why but I really hate those arms. Also, I would make his tail in the same way you made his neck's tube (a bit more fluid)

I think people are so critic with your model because Mewtwo is EVERYONE's favorite and needs to be perfect, but I do agree with them it's far from being perfect.
By Seongyun
#18272 This looks good! but i really think you need to base it on a better picture :)
By Windjoe
GiantVegeta wrote:mewtwo is much skinny and is tail is to big and horrible sprite
Many people have already said its a bad sprite don't just repeat them.
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By Tom_X
#19420 I personally like it, seeing what it's based on, it's a really good replica of a Gen 1 Mewtwo. But I like the human Mewtwo more. Taking that apart, if you correct those things, this can be a really badass Mewtwo!
By Windjoe
#19423 Grrr Guys I'm sure he gets it by now, you all like the human Mewtwo. lol
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By KuryoZT
Windjoe wrote:Grrr Guys I'm sure he gets it by now, you all like the human Mewtwo. lol

I don't, the original was awsome, the beast, final boss of R\G\Y ,hidden in the cave, protected by strong wild pokemons, haa my young years, I loved to play for hours on my small screen.
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By Hypnose
#19937 I love this Mew-Two~ I don't care which version of him I prefer from what it's based on it's frackin' amazing. Sure it could be touched up here and there, but the same can be said about all the models here. Nothing is perfect in this world and I personally like it that way. You've done a great job here, and I'd like to see any other models you may have planed for the future. when and if they come :)