By Gav270
#10229 Not even close to being done but I've run into problems making the head and possibly the neck making more of an S shape instead of just another cylinder. I could use some good advice on this one. I've also considered scraping this one and keeping the model more simple instead of trying to make it perfectly round.

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By MrMasochism
#10233 I'd suggest scrapping it. Animating that tail the way it is would be impossible
By karrybird
#10234 it kinda looks like a torpedo.
i suggest scrapping it too, i don't think any amount of work to this will make it look more like a sea lion...
By Gav270
#10237 Sounds like to the junk bin with it Mr. M is there a way I could get a look at the Seel model? It might help me figure out how to do it.
By Gav270
#10247 Hmm it's not giving me access to it, but if it won't help much I'll just take a look at other models in the approval section, hopefully it will give me a place to start.
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By ryik
#10649 Needs more blubber.

A lot more blubber.

Dewgong isn't round.'s blubber-shaped.