By Mundus
#9783 Hello Everyone, Here are some models I made a while back. Let me know what you think. I made them on my old computer, and don't have multiple angles for most of them. I'll also have to browse around mediafire to find the files. Anyways, enjoy!

By shadowolf96236
#9793 OMG THAT MEWTWO. I like that one a lot more then the one already modeled, Gengar well Omerta's Gengar is so incredible that nothing can even compare. I do like the porygon aswell
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By MegamanBlue9
#9804 They all need an hd texture.
By Mundus
Nickthelegend wrote:Hey Mundas it's been awhile.

Hey, man. Your new Charizard looks really good!
By Articuno437
#19126 All of them are... GREAT!
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By KuryoZT
#19150 I love that mewtwo, and I laughed at gengar, sorry.
But yeah, the textures look a bit off, still great works
By Jumpyporcupine
#19378 Gengar: Eh? Looks weird to me. It's main body is just a block and the face is pretty big. The texture is great though.
Mewtwo: Wow! You really mastered mewtwo! It looks just how I wanted it upon your first model.
Porygon: It's good but not great. Try to fix the head and it should be sent to approval.
Venusaur: THIS, this should replace are current venusaur. There's a good reason why my starter is eevee.