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By Nork
#89360 Hello all! I hate first posts, so I'll get to the point! (Warning: this post is long and I have difficulty actually getting to the point)

Amazing mod everyone! I thought I'd try out some modeling. Definitely not on par with some of the great models here, but maybe this will be enough practice to nudge me a liiiittle closer.

My first question is: what pokemon have priorities to be made first? I know anything goes minus 6th gen, and the priority's low on the 5th gen (if im wrong on that correct me. Angrily if you have to.) But I'd like to actually help out a bit. I know some starters are in high demand (which ones? including 5th gen?) as well as pokemon that drop things. ...(which pokemon are they)?? And are pokemon like Magmortar and Electivire that evolve from Gen 1 pokemon high priority?
...that was actually a lot of questions

Anyway I decided to use Techne, and I tested it out with a natu just to get used to the program.

A newbie's first techne model (oh no) | Show
Image Image

As you can see I got 1% of the way with the texture map. Ill get to why in a second. but first...

Question 2: Is this style acceptable? I see several models that appear rounder - in which case I'll switch to Blender (which I've actually used before.) Or Maya since I saw that mentioned. To be fair, I like the square "pixelly" look for the simpler pokemon, but it's what the project needs that goes.

Question 3: Ok. The texture map thing. I know this isn't the Techne help forum, but ill try here.
When I try to make an edit on the texture map, even if it's one pixel, it'll show up in several different places around the model. You can see how the red is on the wing, beak, etc.
Is this because I copied shapes? (i had to move the dang thing down a lot - pasting with coordinates seemed a lot easier)
Is this because some shapes still have the same names? (I know thats a big "no-no". ll get around to fixing it. currently they're organized in folders. So the left leg folder has "leg", "toe 1" and "toe 2", and the right leg folder has the same thing.
Would I have to start all over again? (Well, it was practice anyway. ...and if it's bad I guess I have to restart anyways :U)
Here's some of the setup
click to see what I did TOTALLY WRONG | Show

Obviously the texture map isn't close to being done. So please don't ask why it has one eye.

TLDR: ok that was a lot but if you can answer at least one of those questions that'd be dandy!
Thanks in advance.
EDIT: wow, i only just now see that no one uses Techne anymore. That was a learnng experience, at least!
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By zero_breaker
#89372 Q1: Yes, don't do gen 6; No, there isn't really a priority for any gen, except for *maybe* gen 2; Yes, the faster the starters are done, the better (though they're almost all done save for Snivy line which I believe karrybird will work on); Uh, probably not, drops should not be that much of a priority; Yes, ther are indeed high priority.

Q2 and Q3: use Blender or Maya : P
I prefer Maya myself, but if you have been using Blender for a fairly long time, go with that.
gl with UV mapping :P