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#88625 We'll figure it out, we will make gen 6 models after we finish gen 1-5 but we have a ways to go and tge future to figure that out
By TheFrozenPickle
#89270 Why don't you just get copyright permits? If you did, you could step up to mega evolution, and make the mega stones mineable and/or retrievable as boss pokemon loot. This would make searching for mewtwo way more worth it.
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By Animalol
#89548 Cyra, I'm just going to point out to you for future reference, please do not use Techne for models, use either Maya or Blender.
By Minerofcats
SPG wrote:
Minerofcats wrote:Ah man, there goes lots of effort down the drain...

Nothing was lost, its ok

No, as in I did make my own models. But I understand the copyright issues you speak of. Can't hurt to wait three years :)
By poe376
#90127 I'm still gonna make the Honedge family's models. I won't submit them until Gen 7's out, but I just really want to make them. XD