By Xiro
#5382 If someone (possibly me) made random place-able object models, could they be added to the game and be accessible via creative mode? They would be simple things that would fall in the decoration category like the PC, but have less or no functionality.

For example:

-Trash Can;Kind of acts like a chest, it's possible to get items from it
-Vending Machines;Buy a drink
-Potted Plant;either the same as a trash can or no feature. The current plot and plants don't do it justice
-Machinery, such as the ones in the corners and left side of the picture below;use could be varied, maybe a redstone source?

Really, just items that will be for decoration. I think it'd be much easier for me particularly to make things like these rather than pokemon.

I figured you had ideas for this kind of thing already but I just want to know what you would think if it was made before I start on it.

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#5385 just going to take a shot in the dark here from what i have seen mr. m say, if you want it, you will need to mkae it a side-mod
By KingGongora
#5395 Also you could just use other mods...even with just red power 2 you can make really nice decorations yourself in game xD.

Works perfectly with pixelmon!
By Yaseen
#5783 If u do make this side mod, id gladly help you with some models