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By wackaboom55
#69667 Hey, My names Wacka, I want to become a modeller but I dunno where to start, I have no idea how blender or maya works (pay no attention to maya cuz it doesnt wanna work on my computer) so I thought maybe someone could teach me to model pixelmon On blender, Or at the very least gimme some tips if anyone can help me out that will be greatly appreatiated

IGN: wackaboom55

skype: wackaboom55

By jmh44
#69670 step 1: download maya
step 2: think its easy and not look at a tutorial
step 3: rage quit
step 4: come back next day and watch a tutorial
step 5: still rage
step 6: 2 days later eventually get it
anddd thats about it
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#69683 $5 says he didnt download the student version and installed it wrong, or did it when servers were down and gave up