By Xwaffle
#59327 Alright, I am working on adding in a way to brew alll the potions for Pixelmon. Mr M and I came up with the idea of making a new brewing stand and it has the characteristics of the Pixelmon anvil. What will happen is the player will come to the stand with items and right click the stand, the item in the players hand will then go onto the stand. The items that will be going on the stand are Berries, Foods, Existing potions, dusts, and liquids such as lava and water. All of these items must be able to specify the different item being placed so the player knows what items are being used to create a potion. All of these items will be combined to make 1 potion like item from Pixelmon.

I did have a modeler working on this and he quit while we were nearly finished. Here is an example of what we were doing. Image

Keep in mind this model can be done in Techne or Maya/blender. I'd love to see the new ideas, or just find somone to finish off this model.

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By zero_breaker
oh wait
texture in Blender/Maya?

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