By The_Shyish_Irish
#56633 YES! Please maybe try the ralts Kirlia and Gardevoir evolution line lol. this evolution line would be amazing to have added and not to mention that it has great sentimental value to me o-o. but yea maybe try your abilities with creating this evolution line ! :D or maybe herracross or something complicated like escavalier

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By Overreactedosbol
#56635 well, if you really need a request, i would like to see the Whismur line, Slakoth line or Aron line done :L.
By Vespirs
Tom_X wrote:
SPG wrote:
Overreactedosbol wrote:i would rather go for a pokemon which already kinda square, like Porygon. Not that you should make porygon now (because the Porygon model is amazing!) But i'm just sayin'.

i actually remade karry's model as an obj so now its literally perfect

Weren't you the one saying there isn't a perfect model??
Besides the fact that it's made by you, of course.....

Psssht. He IS perfection.