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By minecraftOclock
#39529 I got Beldum modelled, but i cant get its eye colored nor its claws, halp?
(i dont know how to post pics on this post, im such a determined noob.)
i gave it a texture but it covers the whole body, and i cant color specific spots.

In the meantime ill work on it's evolutions.
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By Sundial_MC
#39562 This is what you have to do:

go to, create an account and use it to upload images (take a screenshot using PrtSc and upload).
Then, use the tag to post the image, using the DIRECT link not the imgur link, the i.imgur link.

Also, don't post the pics on this thread, either get this thread moved (Someone move this to Beginner Modeller Feedback) or just make a new one in Beginner Modeler Feedback thread and get this deleted.

To colour specific parts, you need to use the Texture Offsets. Look up some tutorials on this forum, they're really great help!
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By minecraftOclock
#39789 OK thanks sooooooo much im a very determined noob who wants to see the beldum line get in, ill get a pic posted where the pics belong.