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By KuryoZT
#53146 MissingNo couldn't crash the game? I thought it could.
And it multiplies your 6th item by 128, or something like that.

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#53191 it can crash your game if you lose to it, but thats all i remember from it, every time i did the glitch I never crashed, weird stuff happened til i went into a building though
By zskeas
#56937 I really cant understand what is a missing no. Can anyone tell me whars that?
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zskeas wrote:I really cant understand what is a missing no. Can anyone tell me whars that?

lol, looks like you havent played gen 1 pokemon games,. its a bug in the code of random values and such that causes the 6 (or 7th i dont rmemeber) item in your inventory to be multiplied by 128
By garret200216
#57183 i personally agree i have missingno on my pokemon blue and hes pretty boss
By chippy2000
#63154 I know lots of glitch pokemon 3Trainerpoke$, (I', lots more :shock: .
But I think MISSINGNO. should be added. Gen I would not be complete without him! He's No.000 in the Pokedex! If you have the moel, why not add him? You culd add an event like this...

Adddifferent crafting recipies that are very odd like random blocks for them so it's difficult to find them out. Place the glitch blocks in the correct shape (Like MISSINGNO.) and then it'll start letting out smoke. After 3 Minecraft days a message will say (among strange text) A MISSINGNO. has spawned! Then, in the place of the model, MISSINGNO. is standing there and you can only catch him with a Master Ball! :lol:
By Zmanboyshark
SubGenesis wrote:How about 1 in (a fairly big number) of eggs (when pokemon breeding is implemented) will turn into a bad egg, and then you have to do something to activate this bad egg and then missingn0 will come out and some epic battle begins...


That's a nice idea you have there. For your troubles *Hands you a cookie* :D
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By Blaster
#73612 I actually remember having a Missingno in the old pokemobs mod. when I caught it, it crashed the game (not surprised) but when I went back into the game, I could send in the same venusaur 50 times and have all of them out. I had to delete the map but it was still a nice bug to mess around with