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By ilovepokemon
zero_breaker wrote:I feel that Pidgeot needs to be remade, the head-to-body ratio is just not right.

yeah, i agree, i also forgot to add ninetails and vulpix
Ninetails needs a remodel and Vulpix needs a better texture
By lugiaisbeast101
#27629 Charmeleon's head needs to be recoded, the horn needs to move with the head. Poliwhirls texture needs to be redone, its swirl is square-like.

Edit: Didn't see Yaseen's post.
By Chaos Phoenix
#28040 Pikachu needs redoing, with it constantly standing up straight makes it looks silly, the same with meowth they aren't meant to stand on their hind legs, just because Team Rocket's meowth does, doesn't mean all meowth do. I would prefer them to be more cat and mouse like :)